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Regional Support

KALHOUR oil Field Equipments Ltd is ideally located in Dubai. The world’s most favorite central trading and shipping hub. Strategically, it lies midway between the Far East and Europe on the East‐West trading routes and between the former Soviet Union and Africa on the North‐South axis.

Our trading activity easily extended beyond the Arab GCC states (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman) throughout the Middle East, Asian Subcontinent, East Africa, the Eastern Mediterranean, as CIS and Central Asia.

Dubai airport is linked to more then 130 destinations via some 86 airlines, and DUBAI Port is unrivalled throughout the region in terms of facilities and efficiency.

From here, KALHOUR Oil Field Equipments Ltd efficiently operates its facilities to cater to the needs of over 1000 clients in 30 countries, mainly importing and exporting for international and local Oil/Gas Drilling & Exploration Companies, Chemical & Petrochemical Plants, Refineries, Water & Energy Plants, Marine & Ship‐Building Industry, Engineering & Construction Companies and Food & Beverage Industry, both in private and government/semi‐government sector.

By virtue of its location, dynamic workforce, strong logistical affiliations, huge stocks and professional expertise, KALHOUR Oil Field Equipments Ltd guarantees the best regional support to its clients wherever in the world they may be.